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Easy Phone

Easy Phone launcher

Download beta version here (for testers)

Easy Phone is a new interface for touch screen devices.

It is very simple and easy to use.

The main screen looks like a classic phone. You can dial a number on a big keypad or you can click on a photo to start call. Every list of messages, calls, contacts or applications has a large font. The launcher is optimized for elderly and seniors.

Tomáš Slavíček, Josef Slavíček    support [at] tomasslavicek.cz

Majority of sold phones has a touchscreen.

But their interface is confusing for many people. Typical smartphone has lots of small icons and items with a tiny text. People with eye vision problems or with finger movement problems want also use their phones without restraints.

Easy Phone completely covers the standard Android interface, you can’t see any standard system bars or dialogs there.

Custom 9-button keyboard and a large qwerty keyboard are used for an easy text input. Back and home buttons are displayed on every screen. The interface is fully animated, accelerated on a GPU and multithreaded, so it is very fast, even on the cheapest phone.

Easy Phone will be released in the coming months.

Easy Phone